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Xingyi Quan was developed in Shanxi China. The art was used and developed under pressure testing in real life scenarios in the military and bodyguard services in Shanxi over a few hundred years. The art is very aggressive and utilizes attack within defense and defense within attack. The centerline concept is of main importance. The student learns to develope core power and express it through various ideas such as the five element fist and the 12 animal forms. 

The above clip is of the splitting fist which has a rising, drilling and falling energy. This technique could be devestating if slamming someone down on a car, the ground, a table etc in a self defense situation.



The clip above is the Cannon Fist  in which the power expressed is like a cannonball shooting out of a cannon.

Bagua Zhang is a style of martial arts which utilizes evasive footwork as well as circular defense and attack methods.  The style was created by master Dong Hai-Chuan in the Qing Dynasty and is based on I Ching or Book of Changes. Bagua was further developed by many of Dongs students. Cheng Ting Hua was a student who also had a backround in Shuai Jiao "Chinese Wrestling". Cheng Bagua is based on the Dragon body and uses many coiling and throwing methods. Bagua Zhang is also very well known for its healing methods . Within the basics of the art one is doing a walking yoga simultaneously devloping cardio, meditation, and strengthening and stretching  the tendons muscle ligaments,and fascia. Below is application of a Dragon Palm found in the animal palms

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