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Wing Chun

Wing Chun was made famous in America by Bruce Lee. It was mainly because of Bruce Lee  that his teacher the late Yip Man has become famous all over the world. Because of Bruce having such movie fame and mentioning his teachers name in interviews, many the world over had researched to find out more about Yip Man. A few promoinent Wing Chun teachers started teaching seminars worldwide and spread the art all over the globe and  now it is one the most well known systems of Gong Fu. Wing Chun is stripped down from anything fancy and is very practical for self defense. The whole system is based on three empty hand forms, a wooden dummy form and 2 weapon forms. Wing Chun theory is based on the centerline concept and the idea of "chasing " center as opposed to "chasing " hands. The idea is to dominate the opponents center and gain the advantage by using block and attack in one motion. 

Siu Nim Tau level-  Siu Nim Tau is the first form of Wing Chun and within it one learns the basic concepts and principles of the system, special attention is paid to elbow position, center line, stance , structure etc. The basic hand techniques are shown within the form while the legs remain stable in the Mother stance of Wing Chun called Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma which helps develope ones root and structure.

During the Siu Nim tau level training students will learn the basic form ,concepts, principles and the training drills that accompany each movement within the form. We also include footwork and movement drills that enable students to apply their skills under pressure. These skills will be taught even deeper within the Chum Kiu Level.

Chum Kiu Level- In the Chum Kiu (searching the bridge)level of training  our students learn the complete form, techniques, concepts and principles taught within the second form. At this stage all things taught at the Siu Nim Tau level are expanded upon and taught more deeply and with more emphasis on bridging the gap between you and your opponent while maintaining body unity and structure while in motion. The first half of the wooden dummy form is introduced at this level and completed during the Biu Gee level training.

Biu Gee level-  At this stage our students learn what to do if the were caught in an emergency situation had they lost their structure, balance, or line of attack etc. During this level our students learn all the concepts and principles of the third form as well as the completion of the wooden dummy form.

Summary- Wing chun's forms are taught in a sequence that complete a circle. The shifting taught in the second form can counter the straight line attacks stressed in the first form, the emergency techniques taught in the third form can help recover a line lost due to the opponents shifting from the second form and the straight line attacks taught in the first form when applied with power and timing can neutralize the advanced motions of the third form.


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