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Danny JR. vs Bas! One of our favorite pics, see this and more in the photo gallery

Caught up with Freddie Roach, see this and more in the gallery and news page

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Was given a great tour of the Gracie Museum and Academy by Rorion Gracie, great to hear all about the ups and downs throughout their rise to success and world wide fame by the man who started the UFC.

5/28/2017-- Congrats to our  Kali/ Silat students who tested and passed Beginner Level 3, (Lew, Theron, Jojo, David) and also a big congrats to Thee for passing Intermediate level 3!

   4/2017 With BJJ Legend, Rigan Machado, 

my son with Kickboxing Pioneer and Legend, Benny the Jet Urquidez

Congrats to the crew for passing their Beginner level 2 in RMA Kali/ Silat on November 27th 2016

With friends Henry, Danny Seraphine from the band Chicago, and Tommy Thayer of KISS. Great people ! Always such good guys and always down to earth. Really good people.

Ran into Sean Penn recently, he was one of my all time favorite actors. He was a very cool guy and down to earth when we talked. Thankful he was kind enough to take a pic.

Jan 2016- Congrats to Theron, Lew and David for passing their Beginner level 1 in RMA Kali/ Silat !

Jan 2016-Congrats to Thee Sanpitaksaree on passing Intermediate Level 1 In our RMA Kali/Silat program, 

April 2015-Manny Pacquaio is ready to go! Brought my son down to see Manny and we had a good time talking with all the members of Team Pacquiao. Wishing Manny the best for this epic showdown with Floyd Mayweather! 

March 28 2015--Congrats to Thee and Alex on passing their Kali/Silat Beginner  level 1 exam. Both guys did great, you can see a short clip  by clicking on the photo above

Met up  with Freddie Roach,  hes getting Manny ready for the biggest fight in history MAY 2nd,

Ran into Ruslan Provodnikov while he was training for his big fight with Lucas Mathysse

congrats to Thee Sanpitakseree for passing his Apprentice Instructor level in Wing Chun! 

Shared a few good laughs and good talk with fellow Long Islander, James Buddy Mcgirt, Buddy was a 2 time world champion boxer our of Brentwood NY. Buddy has gone on to a great career training fighters.

Oct 2014 - W/ Jamie Foxx , Jamie has done a ton of great workand my kid was especially happy to hear electro was a cool guy :)

You never know who your going to run into while watching the world cup :) The Great One!

W /Jeet Kune Do Instructors Ron Balicki and Diana Inosanto

Got some training in with one of my Doce Pares teachers, Master Erwin Mosqueda of Doce Pares LA

Had a great time hangin with Mark Dacascos , he is such a great guy and had my son laughin the whole time.Mark just finished up a new 2nd season on the Mortal Kombat web series, and is still doing the Iron Chef show as well as Hawaii Five 0 .

March 2013-- Had a chance to stop by Gokor and Gene Lebelle Hayastan academy in N Hollywood. I hosted Gokor for a seminar in NY almost 18 yrs ago, and have seen a few times since, but had never seen his new school. THE PLACE IS INCREDIBLE! It is a state of the art facility with plenty space for grappling, a cage for MMA, a boxing ring for boxing etc etc .

 Superfight between my son and Bas is signed, here was the stare down lol

 June 2012--here I am with the two legends Bas Rutten and Ramon Dekkers. I had a great time and was honored to train with such legends. It is one of the highlights of my martial arts journey to have met and trained with Ramon the Diamond Dekkers!

Brandon Bam Bam Rios! Lightweight Champion of the world.

 June 2012 -Master Li Tailiang was in LA. We had a great seminar and  learned alot. It was great meeting up with him as it's been three years snce I had last seen him. While he was here, I was promoted to 3rd degree blackbelts in his Xinyi Dao system. 

With Joe Rogan the voice of the UFC !

With Lionel Richie,  been a fan of his since back in the day, and hes still sounding great today.

With  Will Smith, Thanks for being a cool cat Will, good luck in all your future projects.

 Heather Locklear was one of the most down to earth and kindest celebs I have met. No ego and just a very friendly person She looks great and is a sweetheart.

I was training the other day and ran into Kimbo Slice, and I gotta say Kimbo is a cool guy, he was preparing for an upcoming boxing match. Kimbo works hard and I wish him luck in his new Boxing career.

Sep 2010-Kevin James, Dan Jr, Dan Sr,  and Bas
Jr and I had a chance to meet up with Bas Rutten and Kevin James , Kevin is a fellow Long Islander, and I had seen him perform at clubs 20 years ago in Huntington Long Island before he tackled Hollywood. Bas is a MMA Legend and is now doing movies.

First students tested  in California!
Students Moe and Thee were the first California students to test in our phase 1 of our system. The first phase is all striking skills including some  Muay Thai, Jun Fan Kickboxing  and Boxing basics. Both these guys worked real hard and passed with no problems.

NOV 2009-
I had the pleasure of meeting up with  Richard Norton, who is one incredible martial artist and a great actor as well. Richard was extremely humble and taught some great stuff, and I cannot say enough nice words about him and his wife. Look at classic martial arts movies to see Richard fighting everyone from Chuck Norris to Jackie Chan, etc. Richard was recently awarded his 4th degree blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is a Master of several martial arts and is always open to continue learning and teaching.

2008-Just had a great day at Bas Rutten's Gym in California, thanks to Bas and his staff, everyone was great and very hospitable! 

Had a great time with Gracie Barra Tri County, here with my friend, the 2009 Pan Am Brown Belt Champion Raul Montolfo. Raul and his students are very skilled and have a great School

AUG 2ND 2008
Congrats to Eric Greene for passing his exam on Che Style Xingyi Quan! Eric completed beginner Level 2 on August 2nd 2008. Eric has trained in various Internal styles for a long time before meeting Dan. Eric has been working hard to change some habits from his past Arts in order to achieve the body method of Che Style Xingyi Quan. Look for Eric in the future as he is a very dedicated student with great work ethic.

Congrats to Dave Soto! Dave passed his level 4 of Regans Wing Chun and is one level away from being an apprentice Instructor. Dave has been studying Wing Chun for about a decade off and on with different teachers. Dave worked hard and it paid off, his form and technique were good enough to pass the strict requirements of our Wing Chun program. Our Wing Chun course has 5 tests for the first form of Wing Chun and covers every aspect of the form,applications,and foundation theory.

PHOTO- left to right -(Dave Soto, Sifu Mark Williams, Mike Ciuffo, Brett Jackson, Sifu Dan Regan)
May 18th 2008-- Congratulations to Mike Ciuffo who passed his level 5 Wing Chun. Mike also had to re-test all prior levels in order to earn his Apprentice Instructor Certification. Special thanks goes out To Sifu Mark Williams(senior Instructor in our Wing Chun as well as Hueng Sheun Wing Chun), thanks to Brett Jackson(Senior student in our Kali System), and also thanks to Dave Soto(Level 3 student in Wing Chun) as without all your help and being test partners for drills on the test, we wouldn't have been able to complete the test in the time allowed.

2007-Congrats to Mike Ciuffo, he recently passed Siu Nim Tau Level 4 In Regan's Wing Chun !
As our students know, Siu Nim Tau has 5 Levels of testing, and after completion of Level 5 a student now becomes and Apprentice Instructor, and may teach Levels 1-4 on his own. This usually takes about 2 years to complete. The Apprentice, must then move on to Chum Kiu level training.

Congrats to my nephews living in Pennsylvania on winning GOLD MEDALS in their Karate Tournament. From left to right is Christopher, Danny, and Paulie with their Shotokan Instrcutor, Sensei Liddle. OCT 27 2007

Congrats to  Dan and his wife on the birth of their first child! . The photo above is baby Dan at about 3 months old. He will be starting his training very very young.

Dec 23 2006
Finally! The Pencak Silat book by the late Guru Besar Herman Suwanda is finished. I have a few copies,and have read the book already, it's a great read on the culture and the art of Mande Muda. The book will be available to the general public in the near future.

The book is a great insight to the man himself as well as his country,along with technique and applications.The book is long awaited,and an great read! I studied with Pak Herman from 1993- until his death,and have yet to meet such a skilled person as humble and nice as he was.
There is a picture of our Long Island group in the book.

Danny completed his first Master degree in Acupuncture in 2004, and now his second Master Degree in Oriental Medicine(herbology) in August of 2006, Shown above with Oriental Medicine Doctors,DR. Ali Song, (Tui Na Specialist) and DR. Rong da Zhu(gynecology specialist).

A great time was had by all, we first started the day with a 2 hr seminar covering jiao ji si ba form from Xinyi,and ended the day enjoying some food with our Gong Fu brothers .

Master Li Tailiang and students and friends enjoy food and friendship

August 2006-Mike Ciuffo passes his Wing Chun level 3 test ! Congratulations to Mike who worked hard for this test, this is the third of five levels for the Siu Nim Tau form of Regan's Wing Chun. Completion of all 5 levels takes almost 2 years, Mike is almost there! After completion of the 5 levels, the student enters the apprentice Instructor program,and begins learning the Chum Kiu form, and is able to teach Siu Nim Tau material to his own students, Good luck to Mike!

Special thanks to Dan's senior student Angelo Christiano(The Crusher) for helping with Mike's test,and pushing Mike to work hard.

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