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Kali /Silat Crosstraining

The above  clips are  from various Kali Arnis Eskrima beginner classes in the Canejo Valley  California

Escrima, Kali, Arnis, are terms that most martial artist these days are very familiar with. These words describe the arts of the Philippines. The arts first gained fame with the legendary stories of how the Spanish conquistadores were defeated and Magellan lost his life to the warriors of the Philippines. It was on the island of Mactan, which is in the province of what is known today as Cebu, that Magellan and his men were defeated by King Lapu Lapu and his men.

These arts are weapon based arts in which the techniques also transfer into usage with empty hands. Students will learn such weapons as the single stick, double stick, stick and knife, single knife, double knife as well as the very effective empty hand art of Panantuken . This system is very effective for street defense and is very popular amongst those who's work put them in situations where weapons are a common threat such as nightclub bouncers ,law enforcement, military etc. 

Pencak Silat is a name used to describe the Indonesian Martial Arts.Their are many many styles of Pencak Silat,the names of the styles come from various sources, sometimes the name of the village or area where the style had begun or the name of the founder of the system. With over 1300 islands in the Indonesian archipeligo and roughly 1800 different styles which are unique to their area and cultural background.   

RMA Kali/ Silat uses Filipino boxing (which comes from the blade techniques) as a base for our striking method along with the weapons and takedowns and locking of various Silat and Kali/Eskrima systems to form a well rounded curriculum based in tradition yet applicable in modern times for the average working person .

The Picture above is of our NY Mande Muda Silat group as featured in Herman Suwanda's Book "Through my eyes". (Dan is seated in front row with tank top.)

Thank you to the teachers below who have taught me and influenced me in forming my method of teaching.

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