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Jeet Kune Do is the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee. The main concept behind JKD is to be simple , be direct ,and to be proficient on all four ranges of combat . The four ranges as defined by Bruce Lee are
1) Kicking
2) Punching
3) Trapping
4) Grappling

One of the main concepts in JKD is to intercept, the word Jeet means Intercept,so we strive to have good enough timing to intercept our opponent. The problem is that their are many people you will run into that have better timing and better speed than you, in which case you may need to have a better understanding of strategy, you may need more fakes, you may need to set them up etc. Below are five ways of attack that can help you develope your strategy in JKD. 


Bai Jong Stance- rear heel is up for greater mobility and power, front foot turned in twd center to protect from groin shots, rear hand is by the face for defense, lead hand is in front a bit at about height of opponents nose or can be held lower such as we see in boxing for shoulder roll defense, weight is 50/50,elbows are in and down to protect body shots, chin down for protecting the chin looking through your eyebrows.

JKD 5 Ways of Attack-

1) SDA- Single direct attack- The objective is to land a direct attack in one blow, such as when your opponents guard has space where you can land a quick shot through the guard to the target, or his elbows are out and you can blast a round kick at his ribs . when facing a skilled opponent you must have incredible timing and speed to land a single direct attack. 

2) ABC-Attack by combination- you attack with a combination of strikes which lead to an opening, for example you may throw a 3 punch combination at the upper body and finish with a  round ckick to the leg, the idea is to throw a barrage of strikes which set each other up for an opening so your oppoenent cannot cover all the lines during the attack.

3) HIA OR LIA- Hand immobilization attack or leg immobilization attack is basically trapping a limb to render it useless creating an advantage over the opponent. We can for example push the opponents forearm into his body as we strike with our free hand or leg or we can shin press on his lead leg or step on his foot  as we hit or off balance him.

4) PIA- Progressive indirect attack- Here we would use a feint to initiate a response to create an opening. For example i may fake a high jab to the face causing the opponent to raise his arm to defend then I would kick or punch to the low line that just opened up when he raised his hand. We see the so called "monkey punch" used in MMA and Muay Thai alot today, in this technique you fake a low kick and lunge into a power rear hand strike, this is also a good example of attack by progressive indirect attack.

5) ABD- Attack by drawing- Here we may set up our opponent by leaving an opening with aplan to intercept his attack. We may leave one side of our head exposed drawing him to attack that area as we have already set a trap for him. We may purposely leave our elbows out as to look like our ribs are open again setting a trap for him to attack this area

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